Value 1

The Bible is our authority for life. God has spoken to us through the Bible and we recognize it as the final authority for our lives.

Value 2

Life happens best in authentic community. Accountability, belonging, care and spiritual growth happen best with relationally-connected believers.

Value 3

Pointing people to Jesus should be a daily habit. Our primary mission in life is to point people to Jesus. We do this by building relationships and speaking the language of our culture.

Value 4

Christ followers use their gifts to serve our community and each other. Every believer has been gifted by the Holy Spirit. God intends for us to use those gifts to serve our community and the church.

Value 5

God desires an intimate, growing relationship with each of us. Study, worship, prayer and other disciplines bring us closer to God and should be nurtured habits.

Value 6

God’s grace is extended freely. God extends grace to all of us and we’re compelled to do the same for others.

Value 7

We follow a big God. We believe in God’s power to do incredible things in people’s lives.