What can you do with a single dollar? Well, when our entire church family participates, you can do a lot! Every week Crosspoint gives 15% of what’s contributed here to missions work that happens locally, regionally and globally. We partner with other organizations to plant new churches, point people to Jesus, and help those that are under-resourced and in need. Crosspoint is also committed to life change within our church. We want to take care of our Crosspoint family and have the ability to bless people in times of need. That is why we created the Dollar Club. 

Each week at Crosspoint we are asking people to give one additional dollar in their offering. We will take $1 for each adult in our weekend services and add it to the Dollar Club each week, where it will be used to impact someone’s life… pay utilities, medical costs, mortgage or rent payments, auto repairs, etc. To contribute is easy… just add $1 to your weekly giving and we will do the rest. To be considered for a gift from the Dollar Club, complete this online application.

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